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Here are our "Rules of the Trails" for all participants, parents, and even coaches to study and practice.  Disregard for the rules will result in coaches speaking with parents, and repeated infractions will initiate the disciplinary sequence.

ON-TIME DELIVERY -- Practices begin with a meet-up, including announcements, recognition, and the occasional guest speaker. Runners should arrive by 4:30pm, and MUST be picked up by 5:30pm. Runners arriving late should not be merely dropped off at the trailhead, as groups run workouts away from the meet-up area;

A RUNNING CONCERN -- The CC Pacers is a running club. We understand that many Pacers will be adjusting to running workouts on the trails, and many will get into better shape in due time. As they are able, however, Pacers must be able to run at the group’s pace. Walking or dawdling disrupts the group workout. Workouts are beginner-friendly but gradually intensify over the course of the season. If a runner is having a hard time keeping up with his / her group, please speak to a coach. Conversely, if a runner is intentionally walking or dawdling for attention, coaches will speak to the runner’s parent and may initiate the disciplinary sequence;

GROUP THERAPY -- Once Pacers are grouped together for workouts, runners must stay with their coaches until their coaches dismiss them or place them under the watchful eye of another coach;

HORSEPOWER, NOT HORSEPLAY -- We are fortunate guests in the forest and UNC XC trails.  In past years, we've seen fence and tree climbing, wrestling, playing catch with water bottles, etc. The trails are a place for fun, but no horseplay will be tolerated;

“LOTS” TO THINK ABOUT -- Traffic will be heavy in parking area as practice begins and ends. Pacers should stay out of the parking lot unless getting out of or into a car or being escorted away from the meet-up on a run by coaches. That said, motorists should watch for children (and adults!) darting out into traffic. No runners should cross ANY roadway unless directly under the supervision of a coach.

KEEP IT CLEAN -- We are fortunate guests one the trails. Please leave the area better and cleaner than we’ve found it.